Different Types Of Smiley Face Symbols

Emoticons are also called smileys. It truly is derived from the word emotion and icon. It truly is an iconic graphic expressing an emotion. It adds color to a typical text message, thereby enlivening a conversation.


Emoticons can express a feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, boredom, surprise, and a lot more. It is usually developed with the usage of ASCII characters employing an input device for example a keyboard or keypad. The most typically applied characters for making emoticons or the smiley face symbols are the punctuations resembling an actual facial expression. Because it was introduced in texting, emoticons have had many variations. It has been turned to an art in a sense.


Here are the much more frequent smiley face symbols and the punctuation marks it uses:


)           - This is the close bracket which is mostly employed to signify a smile.

:            - The colon is employed to signify the eyes.

:)           - When combining the near bracket and colon, it will eventually set up a smiling deal with.

:-)         - Another variation is by the use of the dash character to put a nose.

;-)         - By replacing the colon to semi colon, it is going to create a winking emoticon.

0;-)       - The use of amount zero creates an emoticon having a halo.

8-)        - Applying the number eight will produce an emoticon using a sunglasses.

:-(         - By applying the open bracket rather than the close bracket, it'll generate a frowning face typically linked using the emotion of sadness.

:-D       - The letter D can also be helpful to develop the emotion of a laughing confront.

:-o        - This emoticon conveys the emotion of surprised. It was developed by making use of the letter o.


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